Solo show 2016, Galerie Monika Wertheimer, Basel/Oberwil:  

GRENZLAND 2010 – 2015

Grenzland 2010 – 2015

At the exhibition, Grenzland becomes a sanctuary according to the metamorphoses and the refugee movement. The photography is a detached method of turning toward the world which causes a condition of clear vision.

The attitude toward political presence
Also, the no-mans-land is a cipher of withdrawal. The answer to the question of the if and how something must change, requires space where the needs and the solutions can thrive in the mind. The no-mans-land appears to exist on the periphery of public awareness. Nowadays, general access to Google Earth makes it easy to spy on most places on earth.

Above the head there is only sky
In the end the uncounted and dispossessed simply pursue their desire for identity which they have become aware of in the tented camps. Therefore, photography is nothing more than an act of participation.

8. Januar – 6. Februar 2016
Galerie Monika Wertheimer
Hohestrasse 134 (Ziegelei), 4104 Oberwil

Groupe show 2016, Photobastei, Zürich:  


Search in the wilderness

I made my name as a nature photographer. It is a dynamic and broad topic, a challenge I relish especially in these times when the environment is becoming ever more important. The protection of the landscape is a highly relevant theme in Switzerland to which we can make a real contribution. The current policy changes in energy production will have consequences for the forests and the countryside.

After the concern with positioning, the aesthetic and picture details, the logical progression is to consider the size and scale of the image. Conceptually the pictures belong to the principle of the series and only rarely consider the parallels of aesthetics and pragmatism of the modern lifestyle. Many, though not all themes are personal: rare and sought after.

In contrast to the compositions of many photographers who focus on the centrality of the objects, there is never a centre at Reichlin, only a section of sequences. This can indeed be substantial and rich in content.

Black/White, Colorphotographs, 2012 – 2013

3. – 13. March 2016
Sihlquai 125, 8005 Zürich